Maestro Adamo Volpi

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1911 - 1980

Gifted Musician, composer and Chapel director at the Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto.  Outstanding Compositions for the Accordion, Preludio Op 31,  Concertino in D minor, Fileuse, Moto Perpetuo, Sinfonietta, Valzer in A Major op 32, inspired by his church organ background, and most rewarding for the Accordionist. Allegro da Concerto, the chosen piece for the Centenary of the Accordion CMA World Championiships, held in Ancona

His wife Mme Marie Antoinette Volpi, a Concert Pianist and Musician, resident of Loreto, the Organ and pipes of Maestro Volpi are a beloved part of her home. The Maestro was also the harmony teacher of Gervasio Marcosignori, and one of his greatest friends. Whilst in the process of his learning, the two friends would walk a particular route through the beautiful Loreto.  Gervasio Marcosignori has been a wonderful ambassador for all of the Italian composers, the music of Maestro Volpi has always been a special subject in his company, and also his perfect rendition of Preludio and La Fileuse, an extra part of La Fileuse was written especially for Gervasio Marcosignori, as it was not long enough originally, a hand written score of this version was stolen in a brief case on the London Underground following the recording.

A legacy of wonderful original Accordion music, left by a great musician, his accordion which he used is on show at the Museum in Castelfidardo.

A treasured memento given to me by Mme Volpi, when I received the Golden Master Award 3 years ago, was a map of the region as indicated in the Basilica of Loreto, given at the home of Maestro Volpi. It  reminds me every day of the pleasure of remembrance, of this very special man, his wonderful family, and the legacy of the music he wrote.  

I played the Allegro da Concerto by Adamo Volpi in the World Championships, and he congratulated me personally on my performance of the piece, I will never forget such a profound compliment.  The Rapsodia di Primavera by Maestro Bio Boccosi was the other set piece. My first meeting with Maestro Bio Boccosi Secretariat of the CMA, also was at the World Championships, since then we have met on many occasions, very happy and memorable days, another truly remarkable composer and musician, still working every day for his marvelous magazine Strumenti e Musica. Very special people, and very special friends remembered always.       

Gina Brannelli.

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