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• The Legends 2 •

Andreas Hinterseher Tango, valse musette, flamenco, lovingly recreated film music and an Italy almost lost in time - since 1996 Quadro Nuevo has given over one thousand concerts all over Europe.The four musician's venues are as diverse as their musical roots: The nostalgic-acoustic ensemble not only appears in concert halls and at festivals. The fervent virtuosi also travel around the Southern Mediterranean as street musicians inviting their audience to dance at night as a tango band. The quartet's five albums were each presented with the German Jazz Award, an honour rarely bestowed, and climbed into the Top Ten of the Jazz and World Music charts. The new Quadro Nuevo CD appears at the beginning of February 2004: Mocca Flor Music like a good cup of mocha coffee. Invigorating the senses, warming the soul and laden with the fragrance of oriental pleasures. Luxury for the moment. The sounds of Quadro Nuevo permeate like the comforting aroma of freshly ground coffee. Savouring the captivating experience, the listener is led into a world of swaying turbans, old taverns and passionate tango.Orient and occident merge in the music of Mocca Flor. Spanish guitars, Balkan swing and Arabesque melodies fuse with accordion rhythms into oriental tango. The magic of Klezmer and a bold melancholic saxophone add spice to old European coffee house music. Magical fairy-tales in sound unfold, whose adventure begins somewhere between Paris and Istanbul, Palermo and Cairo, Berlin and Piraeus.

· The members of the ensemble are Mulo Francel (saxophone, clarinet), Robert Wolf (guitar), Andreas Hinterseher (accordion Victoria, XP 502, bandoneon, vibrandoneon) and D.D. Lowka (contrabass, percussion). Quadro Nuevo formed in 1996. Four young men met for the first time on some grey January day of that year on a car park near Salzburg. They were - the guitarist Robert Wolf, who until that time had been touring with the flamenco star Paco de Lucia - saxofonist Mulo Francel who made a living in jazz clubs and worked with large orchestras - D.D. Lowka as a bassist forming the basis for various latino combos - and Andreas Hinterseher Hinterseher who cultivated the folk accordion tradition of the Parisian valse musette.

· The four had hardly known each other previously and had been commissioned to produce film music for ORF [Austrian broadcasting and television station]. The film was never broadcast, but one thing was clear on that day: a new quartet with an unmistakable sound had been born. From now on there was to be only one thing - Quadro Nuevo, the love of nostalgic-acoustic music and a shared passion for coffee.

· Emir Bosnjak ...presents a broad spectrum of music, which includes modern scandinavian works written for accordion mixed with temperemantal and exotical works of other composers of composers from Southern and Eastern Europ. Emir was born and rased in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegowina, where he went through several years of music education. After studiing in Tuzla, one of the best musical high schools in the country he flees to Denmark due to the assalut on his homeland. Since 1996 he has been attending the Royal Acandemy of Music of Music in Aarhus under guidance of docent Jytte von Rüden. He ttok his music teacher degree in 2000 with major subject accordions and post graduated in 2001 scoring the highest possibile grade (13)for his musical skills. In the fall 2003 he completed the 2 years long classical post graduate in solo performance. He performed with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra during NUMUS festival 2002. He helds several concerts all over the country and has appeared on radio and television as well.

Gianni Iorio born in Foggia in 1972, completed his musical studies at the "U. Giordano" Music Academy in Foggia under the guidance of Professor Maria Rosaria Pannone, gaining his diploma in pianoforte with maximum votes and a Special Mention. From a very early stage in his studies he won a number of national and international piano competitions; particularly worthy of mention among these are the first prize at the "A.M.A. Calabria" competition in Lamezia Terme (1983 and 1991 editions), first prize at the competitions held in Sannicandro Garganico, San Ferdinando di Puglia, Barletta, Caserta and Naples, where in 1992 he also won first prize overall in the "G.B. Pergolesi" competition. In 1994, the Directors of the Conservatory nominated him "Student of the year", awarding him a scholarship dedicated to the American composer J. Cage. He also made his debut as a soloist, playing with the "U. Giordano" Symphony Orchestra in Foggia. In May 1993 he was awarded first prize overall at the Rome city piano competition "Agorą80", and he was also among the finalists, winning third prize, at the "Carla Fineschi" competition, held in the same city at Sacred Heart University. Along with competitions, he has also given concerts for important music associations in all the main Italian cities: Bari, Cosenza, Pescara, Rimini, Naples, Rome, Teramo, Genoa, Milan, Venice etc. He works with a number of other musicians from various walks of musical life, mainly as duos, trios and quartets, performing in various concerts and national and international chamber music competitions, foremost among which: first prize overall at the "Euterpe" competition in Corato, first prize overall with mention at the "I. Strawinsky" competition in Bari, first prize at the 3rd International Competition of Music "M. Polivineo Tribute" in Teramo, at the "Giuseppe Vignali" in Verucchio, at the "Cittą del Vasto" competition, second prize at the "Franz Schubert" competition in Tagliolo Monferrato and fourth prize at the "Lario in musica" international competition in Varenna (Lecco). He followed a number of specialisation courses with pianists of international renown, among them Massimo Bertucci, Jorg Demus, Carlo Bruno, Franco Scala and Sergio Perticaroli. From a very early age he combined his study of the pianoforte with that of the accordion. Driven by his passion for this instrument, he gained a diploma in Classical Accordion in 1990 at C.D.M.I. (Italian Musical Teaching Centre), passing with distinction. In 1986 and 1987 he won first prize overall at two consecutive editions of the "Cittą di Rocca San Zenone" national accordion competition, held in the province of Terni In 1988 he was awarded first prize overall at the national competition "City of Genoa". As an accordion player, as well as taking part in competitions, he has performed in a  number of concerts both in Italy and abroad, including performances at Palazzo Barberini and the Teatro Eliseo in Rome, the Tagliacozzo International Festival (L'Aquila), the Fivizzano International Festival (Massa Carrara), etc... In 1999 he founded (alongside the pianist with which he recorded a CD entitled "Astor's mood", dedicated entirely to the music of Astor Piazzolla and produced under the "REAL SOUND" label. With this group he has already made considerable artistic progress, gaining first prize at the national chamber music competition "Pietro Argento" in Gioia Del Colle (Bari) and second prize at the "Astor Piazzolla" international competition at Castelfidardo (Ancona). He has been an interpreter of the "Nuevo Tango" genre with Bandoneon for approximately one year.

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