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The Tameside Junior Accordion Band was founded by Betty Pollard in 1992, and was first known as the junior section of the Stockport Accordion Club/Clifford Wood

Accordion Orchestra. As the Band grew a new venue was found in Betty’s own area thus the change of name. Is main aim is tointroduce music to children by teaching them how to play accordion in a band and providing instruments and tuition free. Overthe years competitive bands of various grades have developed, winning many championship titles and are current UnitedKingdom Championship runners up at two levels – Preparatory conducted by Miss Collette Ainscow and Elementary conductedby Miss Amanda Roper. They have broadcast on Radio, performed on National T.V, appeared ‘In Concert’ at International eventsand enjoy exchange visits with their twinning band ‘Les Amis De L’Accordeon based in Chaumont.


Two most respected people in the accordion movement, Elaine and Ron Beecham, their superb school and their continual work for the accordion.

The greatest experience I had, was to watch this marvellous show band in action in the UK Championships. The professionalism, choreography, stage presentation and musical content kept me spellbound for its entirety. The amount of work involved in this performance was difficult for anyone to work out. It must have been hundreds of hours of total dedication to produce this standard of performance.

12 months ago, I invited the Colchester Showband to appear at our Easter Festival, and was indeed a pleasure to have had them appear on our Concert 2000 at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood, they were absolutely brilliant.

Formed about twelve years ago from the members of the Colchester Accordion Concert Orchestra and Bands. The Showband has been voted ‘UK Accordion

Entertainment Champions’ no less than eight times and also won the title ‘Showband of the Year’ at the UK Championships

They have toured U.S.A. three times, with special performances at Disney World (Florida}. Disncy Land (Los Angeles) Niagara Falls, Colchester in Connecticut and Colchester in Vermont. Philadelphia, Washington, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Concerts have also been given in France, Germany Belgium, Holland, Italy and Switzerland, and a pre Christmas invitation resulted in them being the first accordion band to play at Euro Disney (Disney World) Paris.

The Showband and the former Concert Orchestra have hosted Accordion Orchestras from the U.S.A. and New Zealand, and also from France, Germany and Holland

A varied programme is always presented appropriate to the audience, and can include Classics, Music from the Shows. Popular numbers and ‘Sing Along’ items, complemented by vocals and dance routines. 

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