Peter Soave

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Peter Soave - Known by many in accordion circles as the first American in recent times to beat the Russians at the World cup championships. Presently, Peter is playing as a guest artist with many of the famous Symphonies in Europe and the USA. Peter's musical brilliance and sensitivity make him one of the worlds finest. Peter will perform some very exciting music with French artist Julian Labro and will be conducting an exciting workshop.

Peter Soave is a dedicated, focused musician. His life aspirations include the desire to develop, to the fullest extent possible, the musical talents he was born with, thereby furthering the recognition and acceptance of the accordion family of instruments.

Peter was born in the U.S. on March 4, 1964, to parents recently arrived from Italy. His earliest memories are of Italian music played on an accordion, and he insists that by age three, he was certain of his life's work. When he was five, his Mother and Father finally allowed him to begin lessons.

He used a piano accordion, which is to Americans the most familiar accordion type. He discovered jazz as a youth, using as mentors both accordion jazz greats such as Art Van Damme and Leon Sash, and also great musicians such as Davis, Bird, and Diz. He quickly broadened his horizons to include classical music of many composers; he has deepened his classical ambitions and skills over the intervening years so that his chief musical interests now are classical.

 By age sixteen he began to enter international accordion competitions and quickly learned the limitations of his instrument. The piano accordion had been superceded by an instrument called the bayan, which was being used by most of his competitors. So Peter, with the coaching and support of his instructor, Lana Gore, decided to switch instruments. This meant relearning both the left and the right hand keyboards and adding 50% more range for the right hand and 300% more for the left. The bayan enabled Peter to extend his 

repertoire to include compositions which were impossible to play on a piano accordion.

And, of course, Peter Soave returned to Europe playing a bayan and swept the competitions. Four times.

 Soave has long been fascinated and inspired by the innovative compositions of Argentinean Astor Piazzolla. He arranged Piazzolla's music for his bayan, performed it at every opportunity and included two Piazzolla selections on his first CD, Pride and Passion. Recently Soave decided to interpret Piazzolla as authentically as possible and is now performing with the tango accordion called the bandoneón, the instrument Piazzolla used.

Peter performs extensively in both the United States and Europe. His recent schedule included concerts with the Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Phoenix and Detroit symphonies and with the Ohio Chamber Orchestra. He has completed a recording of the Piazzolla "Tango Sensations" with the Klima String Quartet of Zagreb and a recording of the Piazzolla "Concerto for Bandoneón and Orchestra" with the Moscow Philharmonic.

Peter believes that musical ability is a gift given to us by a greater force. He was blessed, he says, with more than an average amount of that gift and he is extremely thankful that it was recognized and nurtured in a positive manner. More and more international critics recognize Peter Soave not only as a unique talent in the concert field but also as the premier bandoneón and accordion virtuoso in the world.

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