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Norman Quinlan, husband of Gina Brannelli died on the 10th October after becoming ill in Castelfidardo, Italy.  He died three minutes before arriving at his local hospital. The funeral took place on Thursday the 16th October, it was a large attendance, and Gina would like to thank everybody who paid tribute to her husband Norman,  those who attended the funeral,  those who have sent over 350 cards and 90 e mails, those who made telephone calls, and those who sent Floral tributes, and money for the chosen charity.

Norman had been ill for three years, but his death was a complete shock, Gina said,' I have lost my best friend, my soul mate, the other half of me and I am heartbroken'

Gina recipient of the 2003 Trophy for the   Honorary Conductor at the 4th Las Vegas Convention.She is joined at the presentation, made by Paul Pasquali, Organiser of the event, by Honorary Conductors, Dick Contino, Art Van Damme and   Myron Floren.The event was a complete success and next year the event is the13th -17th June,2004 UK and  European Organiser Gina Brannelli               44 1253 778764

  Gina & Romany Rye, Gina and Norman, receive The Key to the freedom of the City of Rogue River, Oregon and Honorary Citizenship.

The Songs Rogue River and Hellgate Canyon written by them are now official songs for this Southern region  of Oregon. The songwriters have written many top singles but this is the first time they have been honoured in this way, and they are truly overwhelmed by the experience of both the People of Rogue River and the magnificent Rogue River itself.



Artists Mirco Patterini, Renzo Ruggieri and Mario Pietrodarchi represented Italy at the Convention in Las Vegas, they were superb, Mirco Patterini of Scandalli, Menghini, Paolo Soprani and a representative of SEM.  Representative of  Piermaria was  Bruno Casali, also representation from  Ballone Burini.  Other Artists in Concert at the event were Dick Contino, Myron Floren, Art Van Damme, Pete Barbutti, Kenny Kotwitz, Don Lipovac, Janet Todd, Julien Labro, Gordon Kohl, Mady Soave, Ginny Mac, Hanni Van Zandt, Jean-Marc Fabiano, Ron Borelli, Joe Vento, Steve and Michael Trucco Hosts Gina and Romany Rye.  Mario Pietradarchi received the  Guido Diero Outstanding Award for the young Artiste, presented by Count Guido Diero

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May 2003.Miss Pauline Noon recently Honoured for her long service to the Accordion at the NAO UK Championships in Scarborough.  Secretariat of the National Accordion Organisation, organiser of the CIA Coupe Mondiale in London 37 years ago and 2 years ago. Secretary of the British College of Accordionists, her long career has been truly astonishing, working long and hard most of the time in the background,  a solid foundation for any Organisation within which she operates.

Congratulations Pauline, how very deserving you are to receive this award. We are all much richer by knowing you and working with you.

Gina Brannelli, Chairperson of the National Accordion Organisation of the United Kingdom.


  September, 2002. Gina Brannelli had her hand cast for the Museum in Italy, observing the procedure is Maestro Bio Boccosi, Gina first met Maestro Boccosi in Ancona in 1964 having performed his composition Rhapsodia da Primavera, also met Maestro Volpi who complemented her performance of Allegro da Concerto. Bio Boccosi unfortunately passed away, but Mme Volpi remains great friends of Gina today.
  Italy, Belluno was the host city for the CMA World Championships in 2002 some of the Adjudicators and Organisers posed for a photograph
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