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Mo. BIO BOCCOSI 1912 to June 28th, 2006 Mo. Bio Boccosi has passed away, his gift was he gave his entire life to music, this gentle lovely man, who I have adored since my first meeting with him in 1963.  Has left a legacy of love and dedication to music and in particular the Accordion. His wonderful magazine Strumenti e Musica was dedicated to his love of music, and his need to support the young musicians, the artistes, the music lovers of our society.  He was the epitome of organisation.  His office full of documentation, neat and pristine.  You mention one person, one editorial, over as many years as you can remember, it was there in front of you in seconds. His meticulous nature, his love of the countryside, his passion with animals, maybe not the things that other people may recall of this wonderful human being.

I was very privileged having been invited  to his mountain, on which he had planted thousands of trees, providing cover for his horse riding and his morning and afternoon walks with his animals. I will always see him, having picked the fruit from his trees, and boil his fruit in a jam pan, and having prepared his jars and lids in a soldier like row make his pots of preserve for the year.  He gently wrapped up two jars of preserve and gave them to me to take home with his love.  His little wooden church on his mountain was so beautiful, photographs lovingly displayed, I sat for a little time in his holy place, and was filled with emotion at this personal paradise, My profound respect goes far beyond words could possibly express. The musician, the composer, the Secretariat, the editor, the business man, the family man, the father of so many young musicians who have aspired beyond all expectations through his inspiration.

His astounding musical mind, wrote composition after composition, his Rhapsodia da Primavera was a test piece for the World Championships, and I remember how enjoyable it was to learn with its light heartedness, its comedy, its jazz its flavor was the character of this man.  He was light hearted, always had a little joke ready, he adored his girls and boys, especially those he had encouraged enough to represent their country in the CMA Coupe Mondiale. You were his babies for life. 

One of his greatest friends Gervasio Marcosignori, never missed a day without a visit with Bio, they were like twins in conversation, one elaborating for the other many little stories.  He gave so much of himself, he will be remembered, I am sure, for everything he has achieved in his life, and I will remember him as a father like figure, a gentle and lovely human being who has touched the lives of so many with his charismatic, supportive and encouraging nature, his sheer love of music and all associated with the art.

God Bless you Bio, and thank God you had time to make the  great difference you made in this world.  I and all your loving children will never forget you.      You were the reason to succeed.   Gina Brannelli.

AWW news report.

Bio Bocossi, born 1912, who turned 94 in April this year has sadly passed away on 28 June 2006.

Bio Boccosi was an honorary citizen of the towns of Castelfidardo, Osimo and Recoaro Terme, and founder and director of several branches of the Italian Music Teaching Centre. He was widely celebrated for his life which was dedicated to music and to the accordion in particular


BioBoccosi was the Secretary General of the Confederation Mondiale de l'Accordeon for over 50 years. He was also a founder of the "Italian Pianists' Trophy" held in Osimo, Accordion World Oscar recipient, founder of the National Accordion Meeting of Recoaro, and winner of several awards including the "Giuseppe Verde" award granted by DISMA (Milano), the "Gorni Kramer" award (Stradella), the "Applauso d'Oro" award (Clivio), the SIAE prize for his 50 years in the music industry, and the "Nota d'Oro" award (Santa Giustina).

Bio Boccosi was also involved in the start of the Premio Internazionale di Fisarmonica, Città di Castelfidardo with Beniamino Bugiolacchi in 1964 which later changed from a national event to an international event in 1987. He was also the founder and editor of Strumenti e Musica for many years, which did so much to promote Italian musical instruments generally and in particular, the accordion.

His enormous contribution to the accordion and its development will continue long beyond his lifetime

As CMA Secretariat, Mo Bio Boccosi travelled far and wide over the many years in his official capacity.  He adored all the students, he was respected by everyone that ever met him.   Here making the Presentation of the Trophee Mondiale to Patricia Fernandez of Spain, also pictured are Mo Ernesto Bellus, Artistic Director of the Philharmonic Association, and the President of the Philharmonic Association, rag. Alberto Lucherini this was in Belluno, Italy 2002.
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Ronald Beecham (1936 to 20 June 2006)
former NAO Chairperson, General Secretary and Deputy President


Born in Birmingham on July 13th 1936, Ron Beecham taught accordion there for many years before his marriage to Elaine. They continued with teaching both in Birmingham and establishing the renowned Accordion School in Colchester where he and Elaine settled and raised their 2 sons Craig and Lloyd and one daughter Tara.

In 1972 Ron was elected Chairman of the National Accordion Organisation of the UK – an office he served for the following three years before becoming General Secretary from 1975-1983. He was elected an NAO Deputy President in 1985. Ron attended the CIA Coupe Mondiale as an adjudicator in 1979 when the event was held in Cannes, France, and later hosted the CIA Winter Congress in Colchester.

Together with Elaine he has travelled throughout the world with the highly accomplished and multiple prize winning Colchester Accordion Orchestra.

Ron Beecham passed away, after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer of the bladder and liver, in hospital with his family at his bedside on the 20th June 2006.

The funeral will be held on Monday 3rd July 1.15pm at Colchester Crematorium. Elaine Beecham has requested that people make a donation to the Cancer Research rather than send flowers to the funeral. The following page will be operating in about two working days.

Ron will be sadly missed by his wife Elaine, his three children Craig, Lloyd and Tara, son-in-law Darren, grand daughter Darcy, and all that knew him. A truly memorable and devoted man.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and Members, we offer our sincere condolences to Elaine and her family at this very sad time.
Raymond Bodell - NAO Chairperson


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