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I love the accordion with all my heart
In my life it has played a major part
Lots may wonder why I feel this way
But they would know if they would play

I play sometimes from early light
And many times right through the night
But I never want to leave my friend
I never want my day to end

My music is my life you see
The accordion sits and looks at me
I cannot pass it on the chair
Its almost like a love affair

My arms caress it upon my knee
I'm Compelled by  looks it gives to me
It really  seems to have a heart
We fell in love right from the start

There are many things that I could say
About the accordion that I play
But words just never seem to be
Enough to say what it means to me

So please don't think my words are strong
I have loved my music far too long
But too many have too much to say
About the instrument that I play

Does it matter if its black and white
Or Red and Blue who knows what's right
If people see an accordion there
That's all that matters I declare

It nay be a good point of view
But then it only may appertain to you
To be quite sure that you are right
Look  at the accordions plight

Music has many facets too
What you play is up to you
But you cannot say some style of music's wrong
If its music then it does belong

Some music puts you on your feet
And some just sends you straight to sleep
It maybe slow, dull or bright
But who can say which music's right

The young today may take the view
The accordion has a future too
But if their choice is just one way
May mean the  ACCORDION will go or stay

Free bass, conventional buttons or keys
B & C system  perhaps its one of these
Midi, Digital  Acoustic, electronic too
Which ACCORDION is up to you

Lets make a pact to leave it be
For which is right we may not agree
Millennium magic the Accordion stays
Conceived by all in so many ways.


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