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Palais de Congress, LORIENT, FRANCE, 19th TO 23rd September,  2001.

Frederic Deschamps, Organiser

Emanuel Spantaconi, Italy

Daniel Rodriguez, Spain Franck Gergaut, France Vojin Vasovic, Jugoslavia
Kosnar Miroslav, Slovakia

Pol Quick

Jaroslav Vlach, Czec. Republic Damir Buzlata, Croatia Roman Ibonov, Russia


CMA TROPHEO MONDIALE 2001 Lorient, France.


Claudine Cintas, Switzerland Secretary, Maria Astrid Raclot Comandini Secretary, Anna Uccelli Spantaconi  

 This report direct from Lorient in France, Gina Brannelli Reporter and Photographer on the event.

Report in French

Report in Italian

Senior Competitors
  • Patricia Freijo Fernandez, Spain
  • Josef Hrebik, Czec Republic
  • Daniela Hudecova Slovac Rep.
  • Maria Kormanova, Slovac Rep.
  • Maria Pelikanova, Slovac Rep.
  • Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, Italy
  • Mathilde Royet, France
  • Cristel Sautaux, Switzerland
  • Snesar Alexandra, Russia
  • Jarmila Vlachova Czec Republic
  • Jelena Zevic, Croatia
  • Miluse Zichova, Czec. Republic
Junior Competitors
  • Magalie Boissier, France
  • Aude Giuliano Aude, France
  • Igor Krizman, Croatia
  • Ljubomir Mitrovic Yugoslavia
  • Katerina Paclikova Rep.Czec.
  • Ivana Psotkova, Slovaque
  • Nenad Stojanovic, Yugoslavia
  • Nenad Stojkovic, Yugoslavia
  • Sylvain Tissot, Switzerland
  • Eleonora Tomassetti, Italy




Entertainment Competitors
  • Denis Berto, St. Marino
  • Vincent Carenzi, France
  • Diego Catanossi, Italia
  • Nelson Conceicao, Portugal
  • Emmanuel Defleur, Belgium
  • Franck Fieutelot France
  • Marcello Guarnacci, St. Marino
  • Sabrina Guislain, Belgium
  • Marco Ubaldini. St. Marino






Jury Members 
  • Chairman Emanuele Spantaconi, Italy
  • Miroslav Kosnar, Slovac Republic
  • Emanuele Rastelli St Marino
  • Claudine Cintas, Switzerland
  • Vojin Vasovic Yugoslavia.
  • Vlach Jaroslav, Czec Republic
  • Franck Gergaut, France
  • Quick Pol Belgique
  • Roman Ibanov, Russia
  • Rodriguez Daniel, Spain
  • Secretaries, Anna Uccelli Spantaconi
  • Maria Astrid Faclot Comandini



Wednesday 19th September: Arrived in Lorient, France the Venue for the 51st Tropheo Mondiale CMA, was the Palais de Congress, an imposing building positioned on the Harbour, a beautiful setting for this very important event.  The first day was the arrival of all the contestants and delegates, members of the jury and organisers.  The event was arranged meticulously, never once did you struggle for information in any language, interpreters were on hand should you require them.

The cocktail reception was hosted by the Organisers, Frederic Deschamps welcomed everyone in Italian and English. The music was provided by Jarome Richard a wonderful start, after which dinner was served. After this it was bedtime for everybody.

Thursday 20th September: 1st day was the Junior Cat.1 and Senior Cat.1 This was the performance of the Test Piece Pantomima Umeristica, for the Junior Cat 1, followed by The Bach Prelude and Fugue open choice, and the Scarlatti Sonata Open Choice.  The performance of the pieces was as exhilarating for the audience as it was for the competitors, they all obviously enjoyed their Bach and Scarlatti, and for me, as firstly a  pianist, it was wonderful to hear the stylistic performances of the Scarlatti  and the Preludes,  Fugues, each individual played with such expertise, it was such a treat for me.

The Junior Category 1 was dominated on that first day by Aude Giuliano of France, such composure,  an accurate and musical performance of all the required pieces. 

Eleonora Tomassetti, of Italy played a very exciting Pantomima Umeristica, with the humour and character best describing the piece to me, I enjoyed her playing there were some exciting moments. 

The Senior section Cat 1 Set Piece Divertissement Rhapsodia by L. Logist followed, again a magnificent array of performances of the Test piece, the Scarlatti and the Prelude and Fugue, and here I was going to see such diversity in styles and techniques, but one performance was going to effect me personally, like no other performance could have, my first encounter with Mario Stefano Petrodarchi, the charismatic performance, such artistry on stage, every single note in itself a work of art, every movement of the bellows technically perfect, over the next few days this was going to be an experience of a lifetime for me. The word enjoy could never be profound enough to describe this performance, it was brilliant and reduced me in the Fugue to tears, in the Scarlatti a smile was more than appropriate as the lightness of this piece set a different mood. With such a sensitive portrayal of every single note in every possible descriptive way. The performances of each of the candidates showed such brilliance and musical dedication, and a treat for all who witnessed these sections on the first day.

Friday 21st September: The second day was the own choice program, 20 minutes of different styleshere we were going to hear such wonderful music, these being perhaps the favourite pieces of the Candidates.  Once more in the junior Section Aude Giuliano set a tremendously high standard, but performances from all was such a treat, a super performance Mathilda  Royet, Jelena Zivic and a very exciting performance from Snesar Alexandra, in the Senior Section, some very stylistic playing in his program, with contrasting elements, Snesar has a tremendous style and I enjoyed his performance a lot. The Audience loved his set it was exciting and entertaining.

The first section of the Entertainment was next on the agenda, and I must admit to enjoying this section a lot, it was such a superb contrast to the previous classical sections.  Two little boys took me by surprise Marcello Guarnacci and Denis Berto, from San Morino what superb performances they gave, such experience for their very young ages, their teacher must be very proud of them.  The outstanding performance was from Vincent Carenzi, he made the very difficult Polka 2001, by Frederic Deschamps/J. Richard look like a five finger exercise. Great playing and great personality.

After the dinner, it was to be an exciting evening with a concert by Gaston Lorho Trio, featuring the Bandoneon, Guitar and Vocals, this was such a treat, such expertise and a contrasting Concert given by these 3 very talented artistes.  Followed by Richard Galliano, this was such a treat also, an amazing accordionist, he had the audience mesmerized, this brilliant Maestro had the audience in his hands and took 4 encores, I will never forget that magical performance. 

Saturday 22nd September was the finale for the competitions the 3rd Category was a Contemporary 8 - 20 mins for the juniors, 10 - 30 mins for the seniors, all made the longer program by choice.  Here was an exciting performance, with Contemporary works for the Accordion played with such understanding of the criteria, imagination and understanding of the Composers intention was expertly portrayed by all the Candidates, the use of the timbre, the percussion and voice was experienced, talented performances from all the candidates here,  there was lot of nerves on this last day for all, the stress was beginning to show, and I was glad for them all, that a decision had been made not to insist on a winners concert, adding to the stress of such an undertaking. The finest performance of the Flight of the Bumble Bee, by Rimsky Korsakov was played by Snesar Alexander, although 59 seconds is the acceptable time for this piece, I believe it was more like 40 seconds, I could not believe it was possible to play this piece at this incredible speed, but he did. A great accordionist.

A magnificent performance from Aude Giuliano once again and 1st place was inevitable, Igor Krizman from Croatia, played beautifully and secured 2nd Place, with his meticulous performance. A beautiful performance from Mathilda Royet, this was more than enough to secure 3rd place for this lovely young lady.  

The piano accordion was featured amongst the contestants with exceptional memorable performances from Jarmila Vlachova, Josef Hrebik and Katerina Paclikova, from the Czec Republic. 

Sunday 23rd September: it was the results, and a celebratory cocktail party.  The adjudicators and officials were presented with certificates, and then the awards, there was extreme tension for the Candidates placed it was an emotional time, as I can well remember from my own experience in the CMA Tropheo Mondiale, there were tears of joy, and such wonderful camaraderie between the candidates.  The three winning candidates, were the winning candidates from day 1 of their ordeal, Aude Giuliano, total perfection musically and incredibly beautiful to watch, how to make the accordion the most feminine of all instruments, just watch this young lady.

Mario Stefano Petrodarchi, you are superb, you have made me cry, you have made me smile, you have moved me in a way few other accordionists have ever done.  You made me feel every note, as is the intention, but rarely achieved, a very Supreme Senior World Champion. Mario is at the Pesaro Conservatorio, he has played the accordion since he was very small, and his only instrument of study at the Conservatorio is the Accordion, that is very encouraging to hear, that no other instrument was imposed.  Pesaro the home of Rossini has been responsible for the finest musicians in Italy, and they now have a World Champion Accordionist to add to that list.

Vincent Carenzi, you are a star performer, as an entertainer No 1 in the World, this title you deserve, you made everything seem so easy, and smiled throughout your performance. A very experienced musician, every inch a performer.

To all the contestants Congratulations for all your wonderful performances, for those that witnessed this event, the faces of these young people, their individual charismatic personalities, and their musicianship will never be forgotten, how difficult a job you gave to the adjudicators, to have to decide the placement of such performances must have been tremendously difficult.  Congratulations to all the contestants who took part in this superb event, you were simply THE BEST.

The final enjoyable experience was the Bal de Musette, performances from all the top French artistes, it was full of variety, and it seemed all the local community turned out to enjoy themselves, dressed up befitting the event title of a Musette Ball. 

Thanks must go to the Organisers at the Palaise de Congress, the Organisers of the Tropheo Mondiale, the international Adjudicators, the Secretaries, and to Frederic Deschamps, who seemed to have four of himself working, every corner you took he was working.  It was such a great event take time to pat yourselves on the back for an event well done.


Reporter Gina Brannelli


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Copyright 2000 Accordions Online, The Accordion Exchange.  

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