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David Mackenzie & The Wyvis Sound

David Mackenzie & The Wyvis Sound are a family band based in Dingwall, just north of Inverness at the foot of Ben Wyvis. The band comprises of David Mackenzie Jnr (14) on lead accordion, brother Alexander (12) also on lead accordion when required, mum Sandra on piano, dad David Snr on second accordion with Heather Fraser from Inverness on drums.

Both boys have been taught by dad and have enjoyed great success at competitions throughout Scotland, seldom being out of the top three places. That may be down to their attitude to competing. They enter a competition to gain the best mark they possibly can on the day, never to win.

Dad is a veteran performer, having performed solo, in duos, trios & bands for the past 26 years. As well as tutoring the boys he is in demand to take classes around the Highlands. He is also the author of the very successful "Buttons & Keys" piano-accordion tutor books which have been constant best-sellers since they first appeared in the mid 90’s and the springboard from which both boys began playing.

Although still very young David & Alexander are already experienced broadcasters & recording artistes. They recorded their first album ‘First Gear’ in 1999 and enjoyed great success with it. ‘Second Gear’ followed in 2001 and was soon enjoying much air play.

The band is in great demand throughout the Highlands and beyond for dances, weddings and guest performances at accordion & fiddle clubs playing predominantly Scottish music but also venturing into ballroom, modern, musette, classical & jazz.

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