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Gervasio Born in 1927 in Castelfidardo, on 3rd December, into a profound accordion family, his mother of the great Busilacchio family,  died 1999 on Christmas Eve, aged over 100 years, she knew every  word of any Opera in its entirety, what an amazing mind.  On a visit to her home a few years ago, she told me the entire story of both her husbands life and her own, in great detail, it was an honour to have met this great lady with an extraordinary sense of humor. 

Gervasio's father, an extraordinary man of great forward thinking in accordion manufacture, being responsible for innovative historical design of the accordion, and from a prolific accordion background himself, his father went to USA to forward the interest of the accordion in this new country.  He became a friend of Frosini, bringing back to Italy, not only his music, we have all got to know and love, but pieces never yet put into print of Frosini. His  innovation in the accordion, was set to be the soul of Gervasio Marcosignori, a true son, who, from childhood was dedicated to the accordion, his father made him practice scales and exercises constantly to develop this young accordionist, and he was very strict in enforcing this structure.

As a young man Gervasio played for many dignitaries and statesmen,  he played for Mussolini,   at just 15 he won his first major Music Festival, revealing his virtuosity on this instrument. He won  National Music Festival, in the presence of the Italian composer Franco Alfano, who even then predicted a great international future for Gervasio Marcosignori. That prediction had great insight,  he has in fact won numerous awards, appeared with Symphony Orchestras, on television, in concert and has recorded many memorable Albums. Appearing at the Royal Festival Hall, and concert venues all over the world 

But he has been responsible for much more in his incredible life, he has developed, like his father, new conceptions for the accordion, in design, in its free bass system, and registration formats that have proved to be perfect for the classical musician, he has sustained an interest in the development of the accordion, and has introduced to the world, the electronic accordion.

This  combination of sheer artistry of the acoustic accordion, and the orchestration which has evolved in such a symphonic manner, has revealed, yet another side to this wonderful musician.

He has inspired composers to write for the instrument, because they have heard the possibilities in the inspirational style and musicianship of Gervasio Marcosignori.  His friend Adamo Volpi, Chapel director at the Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto,  who collaborated with Gervasio on harmony, and wrote music especially for him.  When Adamo wrote Fileuse, whilst recording it, it was found not to be long enough, and whilst Gervasio sat there, he wrote on manuscript an extra part to lengthen this piece for him.  When Gervasio was recording Fileuse, he used the manuscript.  On returning from the studio, he had his brief case stolen in London, which contained the manuscript, and in Gervasio's own words, nothing was dearer to him in that case than that manuscript, written by his very dear friend.

Since being introduced to him at the age of 11, I have spent many hours in the company of Gervasio Marcosignori and his family, we have remained friends, and compatriots, our families have integrated like one. Every time I see this wonderful man play in the privacy of our homes, it is a sheer privilege, and a true inspiration, this charismatic man, has introduced me to the music of composers like Luigi Ferrari Trecate, Felice Lattuada, Fuggazza,  Eugene Ettore, Pozzoli, Adamo Volpi, Bio Boccosi, he has played their pieces, not only promoting the accordion, but the Italian Composers, the new pieces written especially for the accordion. Also he introduced me to the industry, the history and the area of Italy I feel most at home in, Ancona and Castelfidardo.

His continuous appearances, promotion, and evolvement with the accordion won him the Golden Master Award, in the mid 90s, to add to his World Championship status. He continually arranges music for his free bass system, and his interpretations of the great masters works are truly a treat for the accordionist, he effectually incurs great difficulty by using unusual stradella moves, and innovative fingering, take the Gazza Lladra, his arrangement of Air on a G String, Flight of the Bumblebee, and numerous other transcriptions. Also great value in learning his Professional Excercise and Scale Manuals specially written to develop fingering, technique, you can see by these works his own very roots of learning, his fathers indoctrination of the ritual of scales.

This quiet, unassuming character, has given to the accordion world, an extraordinary wealth, his profound knowledge of the accordion, his sheer musicianship, and his love of both the industry, his roots, his fellow artistes and his audiences all over the world makes this Maestro very special indeed. A Royal Ambassador for his instrument and his country.

This has been a pleasure to recall.     Gina.


Our families have spent many happy hours in the Company of Gervasio and Lucia Marcosignori and their family, and those hours have been the most special in all our lives.

Gina, Norman, Flo and Jack

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