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Kevin was born in Dargaville, New Zealand where he began playing the accordion at the age of nine. Studying under Harley Jones of Auckland, New Zealand, Kevin was the New Zealand National Champion for two years. After graduating from high school, he moved to the U.S. to study accordion with Joan C. Sommers at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, where he obtained his Bachelor of Music.

Kevin represented New Zealand three times at the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships, the last time attaining fifth place.

In addition to the piano accordion, Kevin has also mastered the Bayan (Button accordion), and it is with this instrument that he furthered his studies at the Conservatoire XII de Paris studying with former World Accordion Champion, Max Bonnay.

Kevin has performed on radio, television and in concert in many countries as a soloist, entertainer, as a member of The International Trio, the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra (formerly the North Shore Accordion Orchestra) and as concert master of the UMKC Accordion Orchestra.

Kevin served two terms as the President of the Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International and is currently serving his second term as a Vice President of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes.

Kevin now makes his home in New York City where he works as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. When he is not travelling the world working for Delta, he devotes his time to various accordion activities. Kevin commutes to Kansas City from New York City to participate in such groups as the UMKC Accordion Orchestra and The International Trio in which he plays the Bass accordion.

Kevin is currently the manager of North American office for Accordions Worldwide. With such a diverse background in the accordion world, Kevin is well suited for the Accordions Worldwide team. We feel that with such rapid growth of Accordions Worldwide on the Internet, having Kevin dedicated to the North American area will definitely facilitate operations.

Now Kevin has this year been elected as the President of the CIA, Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes

Kevin Friedrich - Manager
Accordions Worldwide, North America
P.O. Box 150393
Kew Gardens, NY 11415-0393

Telephone/Fax: (718) 850-6833

New Zealand Solo Accordion Champion (Twice)
Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships - 5th Place
President - Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (Two terms)
Current Vice President - Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes
Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Scholar
New Zealand Accordion Association National Championships - Adjudicator
Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships - Adjudicator/Chairman of Jury

Accordion Teachers Diploma of New Zealand (A.T.D.N.Z.)
Registered Music Teacher (R.M.T.)
(tutor: Harley Jones, New Zealand)

Bachelor of Music, University of Missouri-Kansas City
(tutor: Joan C. Sommers, U.S.A.)

Degree Superior-1ere Prix, Conservatoire XII de Paris
(tutor: Max Bonnay, France)

(tutor: Friedrich Lips, Russia)

Galla-Rini Concerto with Independence Symphony, Missouri
Galla-Rini Concerto with UMKC Symphony Orchestra
Rhapsody by Gary Daverne with Whangarei Symphony Orchestra
World Premiere of Waltz for Accordion & String Quartet by Gary Daverne
The International Trio performances in New Zealand, Finland, Estonia, USA
UMKC Accordion Orchestra, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, USA
Radio New Zealand, National Broadcast
Norwegian National Radio Broadcast
UMKC National
Radio Broadcast

Skiing, favorite spot - Valbella, Switzerland
Travelling the world as Flight Attendant with Delta Airlines

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