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Born on the 29th of June 1980 in Cholet. He began to learn the accordion at the age of 9 years. His meeting with Frédéric Deschamps allowed him to perform the feat of winning all the international competitions named above. His television appearances, on the following programs, are already difficult to number:
          "La Chance aux Chansons" presented by Pascal Sevran
          "Sur un air d'Accordéon" presented by Michel Pruvot
          "Soufflet c'est joué" presented by Didier Ohmère
          "Confidences de Nacre" presented by Eric Vigneron
          "Rai 2 internationale" presented by Paolo Limiti

He is part of the dynamic Hohner musicians' team, directed by Frederic Deschamps and includes Frederic Baldo, Alexandre Leauthaud, Vincent Peirani, Arnaud Guimard, Mickael Richard, Xavier Rollet, Vincent Carenzi, Marielle Roy, etc, who are involved in numerous concerts, shows and Demonstration tours.

When, by a stroke of chance, you are lucky enough to find a precious stone which is in its rough state, the hardest thing is to turn it into a jewel of inestimable worth without altering its original qualities.

His qualities: a natural velocity, unusual sensitivity, a character and charisma which are out of the ordinary, a talent for composition and improvisation; in short, a perfect student, grateful, and an extremely gifted musician.

His faults: too many qualities!!!

Frederic Deschamps

Incomparably musically gifted with virtuosity and exceptional, breathtaking improvisation, Jérôme, despite his young age (18 years) is already one of the best. Apart from his obvious technical skill, Jérôme shows sensitivity, simplicity and a sense of humour. I would really like you to listen to this CD now, so that you could share all my enthusiasm.

Yours musically,
Maurice Larcange

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