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Bayanist (Honored Artist of Russia)
Professor of St Petersburg Conservatory

Alexander Dmitriev was born in St. Petersburg Russia, September 19, 1951.

His musical talent was evident very early: at the age of 7 he began to study the bayan - first at the school of music, then later at the Mussorgskij - Institute for Music. After this, Alexander Dmitriev became a student at the National St. Petersburg Rimskij-Korsakov Conservatory. At the time the 19 year old Dmitriev had already won the "All-Russian Contest" for musicians playing folk instruments (1969 in Ivanovo).

In 1972 Alexander Dmitriev won 1st prize at the International Competition "Days of the Accordion" in Klingenthal, Germany. The foreign press highly praised his musical talents, saying (November 1972 - Journal "Music Accord" - England): "... a young artist who'll doubtlessly be well known in future; a musician who is to follow the examples of a great number of Soviet virtuosi." (England).

In 1972 in Berlin, Dmitriev was featured on an LP record of Klingenthal Competition winners.

In 1974 he graduated at the National St. Petersburg Rimskij-Korsakov Conservatory then continued completing his training as an Assistant Stargur in 1977.

For more than 20 years, he has been the professor of St. Petersburg Conservatoire and the "Soloist - St Petersburg Philharmonie Concert". Twenty years ago, he wrote the treatise "The Positional Fingering for Accordion" which showed his new and progressive technical ideas. Using these teaching principles, his students V. Fedorov, S. Chirkov, M. Shagaev, E. Orlova, D. Astashin, A. Kuznetsov, A. Yurov became winners of several international solo accordion competitions during recent years.

Since the beginning of his performance career, Dmitriev has made more than 2000 solo concerts, recorded 8 LP records (one in DDR) and recently recorded 5 CD's. He has toured to the USA, Canada and many countries in Europe. In 1990 Dmitriev gave concerts in 25 Japanese cities together with the State Academician Orchestra of Folk-Instruments. Many arrangements by Dmitriev have been published by the "Soviet Composer" and "Music". His transcription of the Cavatina Figaro - Rossini, became very popular and was published in 12 European countries.

Alexander Dmitriev was chosen to premiere works by Russian composers Tunik and Pushkarenko and are featured on CD No. 0005 titled "Fanfare".

Since 1986 Dmitriev has hosted a program on St. Petersburg Radio, which features famous accordionists, information about them and some of their music. He is a regular participant at the most important accordion festivals and seminars and is often a member of the jury at international competitions. He has been invited to give master-classes in Germany, Finland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Poland and other countries.

Since 1986 Dmitriev is one of the organizers and artistic directors of the international festival "Music for Bayan and Accordion", which is held in St. Petersburg each year at the end of October.

Recently, he has also been performing duet concerts with his son Vitalij - a first prize winner of international contests in Bulgaria, France, Italy (twice), Germany , Sweden - as well as trios together with his wife Elena.

In 1992, Alexander Dmitriev was awarded the title - Honoured Artist of Russia and is widely recognised as being a one of the elite in the world of bayanist artistry.

Dmitriev's CD-Collections:
001 Stars of Russian Bayan (ALDM)
002 Enigmatic Russian Soul (ALDM)
003 Divertimento (ALDM)
004 Images, Contrasts, Moods (ALDM)
005 Fanfare (ALDM)


Bogatyrskij pr., 4, fl.112
St. Petersburg
197348 RUSSIA
Tel./Fax +7 812-394 6937

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