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Born in a small village near Torino, Italy. his father decided he should work in his grocery store, instead of spending too much time on his accordion.  He was not too fond of the idea and decided to work, even down the mines to save up all he could, so that he could go to America.  He left Italy in 1907 for the states, there he lived in San Francisco with family friends, he learned all the American  favorites, and was seen by a Vaudeville booking agent and booked to appear in a local theatre, there his mix of popular tunes, light classics and classical music, was an outstanding success.  Under Keith Orpheum, he was launched into a Vaudeville career.  His warm personality and, presentation brought him international fame.

He developed, with the help of the accordion manufacturers, an American accordion, and introduced it to a large West Coast Audience.

Also he arranged and wrote music for his beloved instrument, and wrote one of the first tutor books for instructing students.  Although recording equipment was not of the best quality, his early recordings were sell out successes.

He appeared for a remarkable 42 times at the New York Winter Garden, a remarkable achievement.

Following his Vaudeville career, he set up a teaching studio, and established one of the first teaching studios in the States.  His intention, to encourage, prolific artistry of the instrument, and create a whole army of artistes.  Thanks to Pietro Diero, names like Frank Gaviani, Danny Desiderio, Carrozza to name just a few, owe their musicianship and achievement to this great man.  Not only a teacher, but a great friend to all who knew him.

You left us with a wealth of music, thank you for your life, Pietro Diero.

Gina, March 2000.

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