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Name: Wallace Liggett - (Conductor)
Address: 7/111 Maich Road, Manurewa,Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-2680544
Information: Author of "The History of the Accordion in New Zealand" book, examiner with the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand, adjudictor in many New Zealand Championships, member of the New Zealand Accordion Association.

Name: Heather Masefield - (Conductor)
Address: 53 Kitchener Road, Milford,Auckland,1309, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-4863012
Fax: +64 9-4863012
Information: Conductor of the North Shore Accordion Orchestra. Co-Director of the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra. Secretary of the Accordion Examination Board of NZ. Teacher of many NZ Solo Champions. Committee member of the NZ Accordion Association Inc.

Name: Heather Mitchell-Gladstone - (Performer)
Address: 128 Packe Street, St. Albans,Christchurch,8009, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3-3799188
Fax: +64 3-3799188
Information: Vocal & Accordion Worldwide Performances & Tuition

Name: Lionel Reekie - (Performer)
Address: 1/42 Lancaster Road, Beachhaven,Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 4838838
Fax: +64 9-4442806
Information: Professional MIDI accordion performer and vocalist. Well-known regular performer around Auckland, accordionist and lead vocalist with the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra. Performed many times internationally as a soloist. Won numerous awards, featured on German TV, Cotati Festival, AAA 1996 and ATG Festivals in the USA. 1998 Conductor of the North Shore Musicale Orchestra

Name: Fay-ellen Schaw - (Conductor)
Address: 18 Braemar Road, Castor Bay,Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-4109183
Information: Conductor of the world renowned Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra. Teacher to many of New Zealand's best players, specialist in teaching music to pre-schoolers

Name: Håvard Svendsrud - (Performer)
Address: Colletts gate 70, Oslo,0460, Norway
Phone: +47 22 38 52 39
Information: Born on 29 January 1974 in Modum in Buskerud, Norway, Håvard has established himself as a professional performer of both classical and traditional entertainment music.

Name: Paulo Jorge Ferreira - (Performer)
Address: Urbanização das Queimadas Lote 3, Malveira, 2665, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 9862166
Fax: +351 21 9862166

Name: Alexander Dmitriev - (Performer)
Address: Bogatyrskij Prospekt, 4-112, St. Petersburg,Baltic,197348, Russia
Phone: +7 812-3946937
Fax: +7 812-3946937
Information: Winner at Klingenthaal 1972, Graduated and Post Graduated St Petersburg Conservatory of Music, Honored Artist of Russia, famous concert artist, many tours to Western Europe, recorded 5 CD's and has written books of Methodology.

Name: Vitaly Dmitriev - (Performer)
Address: St Petersburg, Russia

Name: Friedrich Lips - (Performer)
Address: Sumskoy proedzd, 2-3, ap. 6, Moscow,Central,113208, Russia
Phone: +7 95-3152824
Fax: +7 95-3152824
Information: Winner at Klingenthaal 1969, concert artist from 1968, many tours to Western Europe, concerts in USA and China, LP's, CD's, very popular concert artist. Head of the accordion departmenr at the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music

Name: Alexander Poeluev - (Performer)
Address: Moscow, Russia
Information: Winner of the 2002 CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships

Name: Alexander Selivanov - (Performer)
Address: Russia

Name: Viacheslav Semionov - (Performer)
Address: 41-4-623 Shipilovsky pr, Moscow,Central,115551, Russia
Phone: +7 95-3900983
Fax: +7 95-3900983
Information: Academic Professor at Gnessins Russian Academy of Music. Many recordings, famous composer and concert artist. Received the Silver Disk at the 1994 International Festival of Bayan and Bayanists and the award "People's Artist of Russia" from Boris Yeltsin.

Name: Oleg Sharov - (Performer)
Address: ul. Korablestroitelej 44-2-444, St. Petersburg,Baltic,199155, Russia
Phone: +7 812-3514304
Fax: +7 812-3514304
Information: Graduated and Post Graduated at St Petersburg Conservatory of Music with Petr Govorushko, concert artist, "Coupe Mondiale" 1970 2nd Place, Klingenthaal 1968 4th place, LP's, recordings. Head professor of the accordion department of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Organizer of two international accordion Festivals in St. Petersburg, Russia

Name: Sergej Tchirkov - (Performer)
Address: ul. Oleko Dundicha 8-454, St. Petersburg,Baltic,192283, Russia
Phone: +7 812-1777866
Information: Diploma of Music-conservatory with Prof. Alexander Dmitriev. Prize-winner of International Competitions including second prize in Coupe Mondiale '96 (junior category)

Name: Roman Zhbanov - (Performer)
Address: ul. Lenina 30/1 - 17, Novosibirsk,Siberia,630004, Russia
Phone: +7 3832-224363
Information: Student of Alexander Krupin in the Novosibirsk State Glinka Conservatory, winner of International Competition Klingenthale 1995, ''Coupe Mondiale" Italy 1995, International Accordion Competition Spain 1995 and Russian Accordion Competitions, has video-cassettes.

Name: Paul Chamberlain - (Performer)
Address: Schoolhouse, Bowden, Nr Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 0ST, Scotland
Phone: +44 1835 822309
Fax: +44 161 336 5845
Information: Paul Chamberlain is a young accordionist from the Scottish borders.For several years he was the pianist for the Bill Sharp Accordion Orchestra, which played at a large variety of events, including two tours to France and playing out in Altlanta, USA at the Stone Mountain Highland Games.

Name: Graham Laurie - (Performer)
Address: 5 George St, Paisely,, Paisley,Paisley,PA1 3BJ, Scotland
Phone: +44 141-849-7107
Fax: +44 141-581-1281

Name: Dragan Vasiljevic - (Performer)
Address: Stanislava Binickog, 6, Kragujevac, 34000, Serbia and Montenegro
Phone: +381 34381647
Information: from Serbia and winner of numberous internation competitions, has been educated at Kragujevac Conservatory (Serbia) with professor Radomir Tomic and Vojin Vasovic ,the International Accordion School of Larodde (France) with Jacques Mornet, and is presently completing actually his studies with professor Angel Luis Castaño at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza (Spain).

Name: Yuan Fang - (Performer)
Address: 10 Anson Road, #42-14 International Plaza, 079903, Singapore
Phone: +65 2273422
Fax: +65 2273423

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