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Bernadette Conlon - (Performer)

G.P.O.Box 294B, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia

+61 39532-9297

Winner of the 1995 South Pacific Championship, 1995 & 1996 Australian Championship, Runner-up in the 1996 Australian International Solo Championship. Winner of both the 1997 Australian International Solo Championship and the 1997 South Pacific Solo Championships

Tania Lukic-Marx - (Performer)

131 Carcoola St, Canley Vale, Sydney, NSW, 2166, Australia

+61 2-97276608

+61 2-97276608

President of the Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA), 2nd in Coupe Mondiale, many times Yugoslavian national champion, studied in Russia, teaches full time.

John Young -  (Performer)

733, Devonport, Tasmania, 7310, Australia

Accordion teacher, has a video "The Squeezebox Video"

Herbert Scheibenreif - (Performer)

Resselgasse 2, Neunkirchen, 2620, Austria

+43 2635-69421

+43 2635-69421

Lead player of an accordion ensemble in Neunkirchen. Has studied under Friedrich Lips at the Gnessins Academy of Music. Producer of Friedrich Lips CD's. Member of the Executive committee of the International Accordion Society.

Mario Bruneau -  (Performer)

2389 rue St-Jacques O., Montreal, Quebec, H3J 1H7, Canada

+1 514-9357007

+1 514-9355194

First composer of the international French TV network TV5. His artistic sensitivity shows in his compositions. Numerous compositions free of copyrights immediately available. Owns a complete MIDI studio for broadcast quality productions.

Marin Nasturica -  (Performer)

5505 St-Laurent, suite 4004, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 1S6, Canada

+1 514-2764760

+1 514-2765033

Marin Nasturica is available for touring, concerts, seminars, and will travel anywhere.

Joseph Petric -(Performer)

24 Fundy Bay, Toronto, Ontario, M1W 3A4, Canada

+1 416-4913842

Sandy Brechin - (Performer)

27 Woodville Terrace, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH6 8BZ, England

+44 131-5547806

+44 131-5553303

Mick Edwards -  (Performer)

7 Kynaston Drive, Saltney Ferry, Chester, CH4 0AS, England

+44 1244-671267

Mme. Gina Brannelli ALCM LLCM BA hons-  (Performer)

Robins Return, 82 The Strand, Rossall, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 8NP England    

+44 1253-778764

+44 1253-863289

Accordion and Pianoforte tuition. Stage Presentation and repertoire. To diploma, concert, teacher level. ABRSM, LCM & BCA. Lessons by former British & Commonwealth Champion, and winner of International and World Titles. Golden Master 1996/7.  Gina & Romany Rye, Title holders of the Television & Stage Awards for Entertainment, voted best musical/vocal group. International artistes.

Heather Smith - (Performer)

46, Claremont Ave, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorks, HU6 7NE, England

+44 1482-345959

+44 1482-345959

Piano Accordion tuition. Individual lessons by former British Champion, and runner-up Junior World Champion

Frederic Baldo -  (Performer)

9 Rue De La Baudenotte, Pinal, 88000, France

Marlene Blouin -  (Performer)

La Menardiere, Barenton, Normandie, 50720, France

+33 2 3359-4633

Pascal Contet -  (Performer)


Fabrice Coussoux -  (Performer)

5 avenue Claude Debussy, Montlucon, 03100, France

+33 4-70060946

See Fabrice Coussoux site

Frederic Deschamps -  (Performer)

159 Avenue d'Italie, Paris, 75013, France

+33 1-53790434

+33 1-53790434

1992 1st place coupe Mondiale CIA Trossingen, 1st place Trophee Mondial CMA Recanati, 1st place International Competition in Klingenthaal, State diploma of Music Professor Bordeaux, tutor at Conservatory in Paris IX. Leader product for Hohner France

Jean-Marc Fabiano  (Performer)

Traverse des Aires Nouveau, Aubagne, 13400, France

+33 4-42701436

+33 4-42703477

Accordionist, performer, conductor and teacher

Arnaud Guimard -  (Performer)

27, rue d'Auxi, Oneux, 80135, France

+33 322-288-682

Charles Kondoky - (Performer)

21 rue des Rossays esc 1, Savigny sur Orge, 91600, France

+33 1-69051210

+33 1-69051210

Alexandre Leauthaud - (Performer)

13 Chemin de l'Abreuvoir, Noisy le Roi, 78590, France

+33 1-34626197

+33 1-34626197

Teacher at the Parisian Music School, member of the "Artistes Hohner".

Jean Louis Noton -  (Performer)

Villa Sonatina, Peyzieux sur Sane, Sane, 01140, France

+33 4-74040130

+33 4-74040528

Famous French accordionist and entertainer. Demonstrator for Cavagnolo accordions, features MIDI accordion in his performances and has two CD's.

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