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Let us Custom Make one for you!


The Concerto DA-200 is a Custom made high quality accordion! Buying a Concerto DA-100 accordion is a special experience in life. Your Concerto is not like most other articles you purchase. Clothing, Cars, televisions, furniture; most every product we obtain is mass-produced. In many cases no human hands touch the product during its entire assembly (compare the cost of televisions today that are largely plastic and entirely assembled by robots).

Your new Concerto accordion (although it incorporates parts that have been mass-produced) is an instrument that is assembled entirely by the hands of loving craftsmen who know their trade. Each Concerto is an individual, finely tuned and honed to be a perfect piece of art. You choose the type of tuning, the colours, the artwork, the type of reeds, and your Concerto becomes your accordion a one of a kind—its own persona!

The acoustic portion of your Concerto is a special instrument designed to house the digital electronics and yet appear, balance, weigh and sound like a normal top quality accordion without electronics. The balance of the Concerto is perfect! Put one on your knee and you will discover that it is perfectly balanced – making it to feel and play as though it were much lighter. When you put on your Concerto it feels part of you, it an easy instrument to wear and play for hours and not become tired. Besides we know just how exciting the Concerto is and we know you will be playing your Concerto for many, many hours!

Buying a Concerto is a special moment in life. It is our goal at Accordions International to educate you about ALL your choices. We are building the Custom Accordion of your dreams. Your own very special Concerto! An instrument of beauty, both in tone and appearance, representing both the celebration and the beauty of life! Let us Custom Make one for you!


Marsh Mill Village

Thornton, Cleveleys,


FY5 4 JZ


Phone:01253 822046

Fax: 01253 083289



UK Home of the Concerto Accordion

Concerto 2 Concerto 3 Make Concerto

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